2001: First year in Mississippi that cotton farmers did not lose any yield to boll weevils

2001: Rod Paige appointed U.S. Secretary of Education by President Bush

Paige served from 2001 to 2005. He was the first school superintendent and also the first African American to do so.

January 18, 2001: Remainder of Sovereignty Commission records opened to public

April 17, 2001: Proposed new state flag defeated by popular vote

Proposed Flag Bumper Sticker
Proposed Flag Bumper Sticker

Image:  This bumper sticker showed the new state flag that was proposed by the Flag Commission.  The voters decided to use the traditional flag instead.

November 10, 2001: Governor Musgrove proclaims “Freedom Riders Day”

Governor Musgrove's proclamation (Tougaloo Collection, MDAH)
Governor Musgrove's proclamation
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