1994: Former governor Ray Mabus becomes U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Nominated by President Clinton, Mabus was the second Mississippian to serve as an ambassador from the United States to a foreign country.

1994: Thad Cochran named Mississippi Conservationist of the Year by Ducks Unlimited

1994: Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians opens the Silver Star Casino on their reservation in Neshoba County, which is exempt from state law

February 5, 1994: Panola County jury sitting in Jackson convicts Byron De La Beckwith

He was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Medgar Evers.

May 31, 1994: U.S. District Judge William H. Barbour Jr. orders privacy protections for victims of Sovereignty Commission spying

December 28, 1994: John Salter, now known as John Hunter Gray, withdraws his privacy claim in ACLU lawsuit

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