1968: John Bell Williams becomes Mississippi’s fifty-fifth governor

Governor John Bell Williams (MDAH Collection)
Governor John Bell Williams

Williams served from 1968 to 1972.

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1968: Thad Cochran serves as Mississippi executive director of Richard Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign

1968: Judge O.H. Barnett rules that Choctaws are subject to their tribal laws, reversing 1830s ruling

1968: State Senator Jean Muirhead proposes amendment that would strike word “male” from state laws governing jury selection in courts

January 2, 1968: Robert Clark joins legislature as first African American Mississippian elected in twentieth century

Robert G. Clark (MDAH Collection)
Robert G. Clark
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April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated in Memphis

March in memory of King on April 8, 1968 in Hattiesburg
March in memory of King on April 8, 1968 in Hattiesburg

Image: Approximately 1,500 people marched in Hattiesburg four days after King’s death.

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April 11, 1968: President Johnson signs Civil Rights Act of 1968

May 1968: Mississippians join Poor People’s Campaign march

May 29, 1968: Beth Israel Synagogue in Meridian bombed

June 5, 1968: Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles

June 29, 1968: FBI foils Meridian bombing plot

Klan members had planned to bomb the home of a local Jewish businessman.

August 1, 1968: President Johnson signs Housing and Urban Development Act

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