1967: Token desegregation occurs in public schools

1967: Martin Luther King Jr. begins Poor People’s Campaign

1967: G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery elected to U.S. House of Representatives

Montgomery served until 1997, representing Mississippi’s third district as a conservative Democrat for 15 terms.

February 27, 1967: Federal grand jury indicts 19 for conspiring to violate civil rights of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner

February 27, 1967: NAACP treasurer Wharlest Jackson killed by car bomb

Jackson had recently been promoted to chemical mixer at the Armstrong Rubber Company in Natchez. The position had previously been held by whites.

May 1967: Nation begins to experience worst racial disturbances in history

More than 40 riots and 100 racial incidents took place.

May 12, 1967: Former Delta Ministries worker killed when police fire on protesters at Jackson State University

Millsaps students protest death of JSU student Ben Brown
Millsaps students protest death of JSU student Ben Brown

The victim, Benjamin Brown, was not part of the protest.

Image:  From the files of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission.

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July 12, 1967: Supreme Court rules in Loving vs. Virginia that prohibiting interracial marriages unconstitutional

September 1967: Beth Israel Synagogue firebombed

Synagogue Windowpane Piece
Synagogue Windowpane Piece

Image:  Piece of a windowpane recovered from the synagogue bombing.

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