1942: Free textbook law amended to include grades nine through twelve

1942: Pittsburgh Courier begins the “Double V” campaign, calling for victory over totalitarianism abroad and victory over racism at home

The paper demanded that blacks fighting overseas should be given full citizenship rights at home, and the national black press endorsed the campaign.  The articles were continued weekly until 1943.

1942: Federal government moves town of Coldwater as part of development of Arkabutla Lake

1942: United States begins first of eight war bond drives to finance war effort

War Bond Poster
War Bond Poster

Image:  Patriotic posters such as this one were produced to urge the purchase of war bonds.

May 4, 1942: First German U-boat, or submarine, enters Gulf of Mexico

During 1942 and 1943, 24 U-boats patrolled the Gulf, sinking a total of 56 ships and damaging 14 others.  Only one U-boat was sunk in the Gulf.

May 7, 1942: 600 Dutch personnel arrive for training at Hawkins Field in Jackson

Royal Netherlands Flying School at the Jackson Air Base (MDAH Collection)
Royal Netherlands Flying School at the Jackson Air Base

The Royal Netherlands Military Flying School was established in Jackson as a training base for Dutch airmen. It operated until February 1944. Today over 40 Dutchmen who were killed in training accidents are buried at Cedarlawn Cemetery near Hawkins Field.

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August 7, 1942: U.S. forces land on Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands

Japanese Officer's Sword
Japanese Officer's Sword

This operation marked the beginning of the U.S. island-hopping strategy for defeating the Japanese.

Image: Imperial Japanese Army officer’s sword (shin-gunto).  Japanese officers often wielded swords such as this when leading bayonet attacks known as “banzai charges.”  These swords were highly prized souvenirs for American servicemen.

November 1942: Camp Van Dorn in Centreville becomes operational as U.S. Army training facility

Camp Van Dorn also served as a prisoner of war camp before it closed in 1945.

December 4, 1942: WPA ended by presidential proclamation

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