1941: Eudora Welty publishes first collection of short stories titled A Curtain of Green

January 20, 1941: President Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated to third term

Souvenir Banner
Souvenir Banner

Image:  Ellen Woodward’s souvenir banner from President Roosevelt’s third inauguration.

June 12, 1941: Keesler Army Airfield activated in Biloxi

Keesler Army Airfield (MDAH Collection)
Keesler Army Airfield

The base was named in honor of Greenwood native Samuel Reeves Keesler, Jr., who was killed in action during World War I.

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October 1941: Oil found in Sharkey County

The Cary oil field in Sharkey County was opened by the British-American Oil Company.

October 17, 1941: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers breaks ground for Mississippi Ordnance Plant

Ground Breaking Shovel
Ground Breaking Shovel

The plant was completed near Flora in July 1942. It covered almost 7,000 acres and employed over 850 personnel. Operations did not begin until May 1945, and it closed in August 1945.

Image:  This shovel was used during the ground breaking for the Mississippi Ordnance Plant near Flora.

November 3, 1941: James O. Eastland elected to U.S. Senate

James O. Eastland
James O. Eastland

Eastland was reelected to the Senate five times and served as president pro tempore from the 92nd through the 95th Congresses. He was chairman of the Judiciary Committee from the 84th through the 95th Congresses.

December 7, 1941: Japanese naval forces attack Pearl Harbor

Nine Mississippians were killed aboard the USS Arizona during the attack.

December 8, 1941: United States declares war on Japan

December 11, 1941: Germany and Italy declare war on United States

December 27, 1941: Rationing of civilian goods begins in United States

Ration Book
Ration Book

With America’s entry into the war, certain goods and materials were rationed to ensure that adequate supplies were available for military production.

Image:  Certain items could only be purchased if the buyer had the allotted ration stamps.  The stamps were issued in booklets such as these.

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