1918: Mississippi becomes first state to approve national prohibition amendment

On January 8, Congress passed the 18th amendment outlawing the sale or production of alcoholic beverages nationwide.

1918: State Plant Board established

Board was charged with preventing and eradicating pests and diseases harmful to plant life in Mississippi.

1918: Vardaman loses senate reelection campaign

Portrait of James K. Vardaman
Portrait of James K. Vardaman

The loss was credited to Vardaman’s opposition to U.S. entry into World War I.

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March 28, 1918: Humphreys County last county in state to be organized

The County was named after former governor Benjamin Grubbs Humphreys.

September 28, 1918: First cases of “Spanish Flu” reported in Jackson

The epidemic went on to kill 9,234 before it ran its course in 1919.

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