1904: James K. Vardaman becomes Mississippi’s thirty-sixth governor

Portrait of James K. Vardaman
Portrait of James K. Vardaman

Vardaman served from 1904 to 1908.

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1904: Ebenezer James Ford of Columbia selected as first Mississippi Rhodes Scholar

1904: Mississippi timber boom begins

Crosscut Saw
Crosscut Saw

Relying mostly on long-leaf yellow pine in the southern half of the state, Mississippi became third in the country in lumber production, behind Washington and Louisiana.  Construction of railroads and saw mills aided the growth of the timber industry.  New towns grew along the rail lines and around the mills such as Hattiesburg, Laurel, Picayune, and Wiggins.

1904: Ole Miss Rebels score 114-0 football victory over Southwestern Baptist University (now Union University) in Jackson, Tennessee

May 27, 1904: Fire decimates Yazoo City

Fire destroyed most of the city’s business district.

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