1877: Disputed Presidential Election of 1876 is settled with Compromise of 1877

The compromise awarded Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency over Samuel Tilden.  In exchange, Hayes removed all federal troops from the former Confederacy, effectively ending the Reconstruction Era.

1877: Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar first former Confederate to become United States Senator

L. Q. C. Lamar (MDAH Collection)
L. Q. C. Lamar

President Grover Cleveland later appointed Lamar Secretary of the Interior in 1885.

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1877: Natchez Seminary established

After long efforts by Rev. Henry P. Jacobs and other black Baptist ministers, a school was established in Natchez with the assistance of the American Baptist Home Missionary Society.  The old United States Marine Hospital was purchased and renovated for the school.  The school was moved to Jackson in 1883 and renamed Jackson College, which eventually became Jackson State University.

1877: Jefferson Davis moves into Beauvoir

Beauvoir in the 1890s (MDAH Collection)
Beauvoir in the 1890s

Beauvoir later became a home for Confederate veterans and widows and is now a museum dedicated to the life and legacy of Jefferson Davis and the southern soldier. Learn more at http://www.beauvoir.org/.

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February 1, 1877: Mississippi Legislature establishes State Board of Health

The State Medical Association was responsible for the creation of the Board of Health.

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