1850: Mississippians divided over United States Compromise of 1850

The compromise admitted California into the Union as a free state. The conflict generated by this compromise led to the creation of the “Southern” or “State’s Rights” party and the “Union” party in Mississippi.

1850: John A. Quitman becomes Mississippi’s sixteenth governor

Governor John A. Quitman (MDAH Collection)
Governor John A. Quitman

Quitman served from 1850 to 1851.

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1850: Birth of the levee system

Cotton scraper used to prepare soil for planting (Museum of Mississippi History Collection)
Cotton scraper used to prepare soil for planting

Mississippi was given title to more than three million acres of swamp and overflow land along its northwestern border with the Mississippi River.  At this point only 310 miles of levees had been built along the river, allowing for expanded cotton production within the Delta region of the state.

Image:  This cotton scraper was used at Prospect Hill Plantation in Jefferson County.

1850: Mississippi College purchased by Mississippi Baptist Convention

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