1848: Mexican War ends with Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Mexican War Veteran Button
Mexian War Veteran Button

The treaty, which doubled the land-mass of the continental United States, ended a war that had served as a training ground for American soldiers destined to fight each other in the American Civil War.

1848: Joseph W. Matthews becomes Mississippi’s fifteenth governor

Governor Joseph W. Matthews (MDAH Collection)
Governor Joseph W. Matthews

Matthews served from 1848 to 1850.

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1848: University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) opens

1848: “Hutchinson’s Mississippi Code” published

This was a complete compilation of the laws of Mississippi. The Legislature purchased two thousand copies for distribution.

January 1848: State Lunatic Asylum established in Jackson

Medicine chest, mid 19th century (Museum of Mississippi History Collection)
Medicine chest, mid 19th century

January 1848: Mississippi School for the Blind established

With the state government assuming operation of a private school for the blind, this became the nation’s first state-supported institution for the handicapped.

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