1840: First state penitentiary built in Jackson

Old state penitentiary (MDAH Collection)
Old state penitentiary

The site is now occupied by the State Capitol building.

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1840: Railroad line linking Jackson and Vicksburg completed

Cotton bales in Holly Springs (MDAH Collection)
Cotton bales in Holly Springs

The line provided a major boost to growth in the capital city. Inland cotton growers could use the railroad to move their product to the Mississippi River for shipment, and Jackson became an important transportation hub.

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1840: B’nai Israel of Natchez established

This was the first Jewish congregation in the state.

1840: State Capitol completed

The capitol building is now known as the Old Capitol Museum.

May 7, 1840: Great Natchez Tornado strikes

The second deadliest tornado on record killed 317 people and sank over 60 vessels (mostly flatboats).

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