1833: Planter’s Bank established in Jackson

1833: Oakland College grants first college degree offered by Mississippi institution

Oakland College Pin
Oakland College Pin

James M. Smylie was the recipient.

Image:  Belles Lettres Society Pin from Oakland College.

1833: Slave traders Isaac Franklin of Tennessee and John Armfield of Virginia rent property for a slave market at Forks of the Road, located just outside Natchez

More than 1,000 enslaved people were sent annually from Alexandria to their Natchez and New Orleans markets to meet the demand in Mississippi and surrounding states.  Slave trading continued until 1863 when Natchez was occupied by Union troops.

Today, the historic intersection, with its familiar “Y” configuration, remains to mark the location of the once-flourishing slave markets at the Forks of the Road.

January 1833: Holmes County created

Map of Mississippi, 1836 (MDAH Collection)
Map of Mississippi, 1836
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February 1833: Legislature authorizes leasing of sixteenth section land

The proceeds were to be devoted to public education.

June 1833: Charles Lynch becomes Mississippi’s eighth governor

Governor Charles Lynch (MDAH Collection)
Governor Charles Lynch

Seventh governor Abram M. Scott died in June while in office. Lynch, president of the Senate, served for the rest of Scott’s term.

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November 1833: Hiram G. Runnels becomes Mississippi’s ninth governor

Governor Hiram G. Runnels (MDAH Collection)
Governor Hiram G. Runnels

Runnels served from 1833 to 1835.

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