January 1822: Walter Leake becomes Mississippi’s third governor

Governor Walter Leake (MDAH Collection)
Governor Walter Leake

Leake served from 1822 to 1825. He had previously served as one of the state’s first United States senators.

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June 1822: Legislature adopts first state code

Mississippi Code of Laws
Mississippi Code of Laws

The “Poindexter Code,” prepared by Governor George Poindexter at the legislature’s request, has served as the model for subsequent editions of the Mississippi Code.

Image:  Revised Code of Laws of Mississippi belonging to Governor Poindexter.

December 23, 1822: Legislature meets in Jackson for first time

First State House in Jackson
First State House in Jackson

Legislators assembled in the first state-owned capitol, a simple two-story brick building at the corner of President and Capitol.

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