1820: “The Barber of Natchez” gains freedom

Born a slave in 1809, William Johnson eventually became an affluent businessman and slave owner. His diary offers a glimpse of Natchez life before the Civil War.

1820: Perry County is created

January 1820: George Poindexter becomes Mississippi’s second governor

Governor George Poindexter (MDAH Collection)
Governor George Poindexter

Poindexter served from 1820 to 1822. He was Mississippi’s first congressman and the principal architect of the 1817 Constitution.

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October 1820: Choctaws cede more than five million acres in Treaty of Doak’s Stand

Choctaws traded one third of their remaining lands in Mississippi for land across the Mississippi River. Mississippi’s capital and its county, Jackson and Hinds, were later named after United States negotiators Andrew Jackson and Thomas Hinds.

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