1811: Shawnee Chief Tecumseh urges southeastern Indian tribes to join his Confederacy

Tecumseh speaking to tribal members (MDAH Collection)
Tecumseh speaking to tribal members

Although the Chickasaws and Choctaws did not respond, Tecumseh won favor with many in the Creek Nation, eventually leading to the Creek War.

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January 7, 1811: First class meets at Jefferson College in Washington

Jefferson College and Military Institute (MDAH Collection)
Jefferson College and Military Institute

The school opened as a preparatory school and became a college in 1817.

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December 1811: New Madrid earthquakes rock Mississippi Valley

Eyewitnesses claimed these quakes destroyed towns, formed new lakes, and caused the Mississippi River to flow backward. Shawnee Chief Tecumseh had earlier prophesied that he would stomp his feet to shake the earth and signal that he was back home in the Great Lakes region after his visit to recruit the southeastern Indians for his Confederacy.

December 30, 1811: Steamboat New Orleans reaches Natchez on its way to becoming the first steamer to sail the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

The boat ushered in the era of steam commerce on the Mississippi River, traveling between New Orleans and Natchez.

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