February 1801: Jefferson becomes President, sealing Governor Winthrop Sargent’s fate

Thomas Jefferson (MDAH Collection)
Thomas Jefferson

After the 1800 presidential election ended in deadlock, the House elected Republican Thomas Jefferson over Federalist John Adams. Jefferson’s election spelled the end of Federalist Winthrop Sargent’s term as governor.

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May 1801: President Thomas Jefferson appoints William C.C. Claiborne second territorial governor

As United States congressman from Tennessee, Claiborne had advocated election of a territorial assembly in Mississippi.

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December 1801: General Assembly (Legislature) for Mississippi Territory meets for first time

December 1801: Choctaw Nation cedes over two million acres in Treaty of Fort Adams

Old section of Natchez Trace (MDAH Collection)
Old section of Natchez Trace

Federal government assumed control of the Natchez area and the right to construct a road (the Natchez Trace) from Natchez to Nashville.

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