February 1799: Territory’s first laws passed

Winthrop Sargent and the ruling council passed the territory’s first nine laws, establishing the militia and courts and setting punishments for crimes. Sargent’s critics derisively referred to them as “Sargent’s Codes.”

Image:  “A Law Respecting Crimes and Punishments, ” Laws of the Mississippi Territory, February 20, 1799, p. 10.

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April 2, 1799: Governor Winthrop Sargent establishes first two counties — Pickering and Adams

Map of Mississippi Territory, ca. 1805 (MDAH Collection)
Map of Mississippi Territory, ca. 1805
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October 1799: Critics of Governor Winthrop Sargent petition federal government

Petition to Congress (MDAH Collection)
Petition to Congress

Taken to Congress by Narsworthy Hunter, the petitions lambasted Sargent and requested elections for general assembly and a delegate to Congress.

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