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1763: King George III issues Proclamation of 1763

The proclamation set the boundaries of the province and banned settlement west of the Appalachians to keep peace with the Indians.

1763: Treaty of Paris ends French and Indian War

The British defeated the French. France gave up land east of the Mississippi, except for New Orleans, to England.  Land west of the river and New Orleans went to the Spanish.

1765: British West Florida governor holds first of two congresses with Choctaw, Chickasaw and Creek leaders in the region

Map of Gulf Coast, 1778 (MDAH Collection)
Map of Gulf Coast, 1778 (MDAH Collection)

Governor Johnstone entered into treaties governing trade, criminal justice, and the activities of the Indian commissioners.

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1767: British West Florida governor recalled to England

Lieutenant Governor Montfort Browne is named acting governor of British West Florida, replacing Johnstone.

1770: Peter Chester appointed governor of British West Florida

1775: American Revolution begins

Many loyalists fled to British West Florida, which included the southern half of present day Mississippi.

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