Natchez Indian Woman and Daughter

In 1682 the French explorer La Salle and his party were the first Europeans to record contact with the Natchez Indians The French established Fort Rosalie with help from the Natchez in 1716. Antoine Simon Le Page du Pratz, a Frenchman who lived among the Natchez in the early 1720s, wrote about their way of life in three volume entitled Histoire de la Louisiane. An artist produced this illustration of a woman and her daughter from his description. Women primarily worked farming and gathering food while men hunted and fished. Inheritance was determined through the female line in Natchez culture. More about the Natchez may be seen at Emerald Mound and the Grand Village of the Natchez today. As the English and French struggled for control of the new world, the Natchez sided with the English and were defeated in a war with the French in 1729. Those who survived were forced to leave this area.

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