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Pontotoc author Borden Deal publishes Dunbar’s Cove

The book Dunbar’s Cove was the inspiration for the 1960 movie Wild River starring Montgomery Clift.

Senior senator John Sharp Williams supports Woodrow Wilson’s call to arms

Williams joined the U.S. Congress in 1893.

Mississippians deal with devastating effects of flood of 1927

The Mississippi Delta region was particularly hard hit by the disaster. This image is one of  124 photographs taken by the flood committee of the Illinois Central Railroad Company in April, May, and October of 1927.

Good Roads Movement sweeps through Mississippi

As automobiles gained popularity, citizens joined together to get good roads constructed.

University of Mississippi 1913 basketball squad

University of Mississippi beats L.S.U. 10-7

Good roads movement in Mississippi

Mississippi river floods

In the Mississippi Valley region, 200 people were killed and $45 million damage incurred as a result of the Mississippi river flooding.

James K. Vardaman elected U.S. senator

Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College football squad