This month in Mississippi History

January 7, 1811: First class meets at Jefferson College in Washington

January 8, 1815: Andrew Jackson’s United States forces defeat the British at the Battle of New Orleans

January 29, 1825: Vicksburg incorporated

January 24, 1826: Hampstead Academy chartered

January 7, 1861: Secession Convention opens in Jackson

January 9, 1861: Delegates vote to secede from Union

January 15, 1861: Ordinance of secession signed

January 20, 1861: State troops occupy unfinished United States fort on Ship Island

January 21, 1861: Mississippi’s delegation withdraws from United States Congress

January 23, 1861: Army of Mississippi organized

January 1, 1863: President Abraham Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation

January 1, 1909: Prohibition goes into effect in Mississippi

January 20, 1937: President Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated to second term

January 20, 1941: President Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated to third term

January 20, 1945: President Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated to fourth term

January 20, 1953: WJTV Channel 25, state’s first television station, goes on the air

January 31, 1961: James Meredith applies to University of Mississippi, telling the registrar he is black

January 23, 1964: 24th Amendment to U. S. Constitution adopted

January 31, 1964: Louis Allen Murdered

January 31, 1964: Louis Allen found dead, riddled with buckshot in his driveway

January 15, 1965: Federal Grand Jury Indicts 18 in Philadelphia Murders

January 15, 1965: Federal grand jury indicts 18 in Chaney, Goodman, Schwerner murders

January 10, 1966: Klan murders Vernon Dahmer

January 11, 1966: Vernon Dahmer Killed

January 2, 1968: Robert Clark joins legislature as first African American Mississippian elected in twentieth century

January 13, 2000: Federal authorities reopen investigation into 1964 lynching of Charles Moore and Henry Dee

January 18, 2001: Remainder of Sovereignty Commission records opened to public

January 16, 2002: Judge dismisses all charges against Charles Noble, who maintains his innocence in 1966 killing of Vernon Dahmer

January 5, 2008: First Mississippi Blues Marathon held in Jackson

January 7, 2010: Mississippi Blues Trail dedicates 100th marker